Benefits of Virtual Server Hosting

virtual server hosting

If your website utilizes significant RAM resources, consider switching to VPS hosting as it will help it load faster and perform more effectively.

VPS hosting is an ideal solution for ecommerce websites that accept credit cards. It provides more security than shared hosting and will make passing PCI compliance tests simpler.


Virtual server hosting provides the optimal balance between cost, scalability and performance for businesses with moderate to high traffic flows. It’s an especially good option for startups as virtual hosting is more cost-effective than physical servers.

Physical servers incur significant upfront costs for hardware administration and maintenance, and may also be costly to upgrade. Virtual servers on the other hand have significantly lower initial expenses and maintenance expenses.

VPS plans typically offer more bandwidth and storage capacity than shared plans, which helps reduce website loading times – which in turn improves visitor satisfaction and conversion rates.

VPS also provides you with a dedicated IP address, which can improve site security and speed. This feature can be particularly beneficial if your website receives many visitors as it prevents it from getting blacklisted – protecting both hackers and spammers at the same time!


Virtual server hosting’s popularity stems in part from its scalable features. Businesses can adjust computing resources on demand according to website traffic or application demand – enabling cost-cutting while still maintaining optimal performance for an increased ROI.

Virtualization software enables a physical server to host multiple virtual machines (VMs), each running its own operating system. Hardware resources are abstracted away using a hypervisor which creates isolated environments on each VM allowing scaling hardware components without impacting other users on the same server; providing more flexibility and scalability than traditional servers.

Autoscaling, which refers to an automated set of tools that monitor resource usage and expand CPU cores or memory automatically when usage peaks, allows providers to eliminate manual upgrades of physical servers while also cutting maintenance costs by automating tasks such as OS updates, backups and patch management.


Secure VPSs can provide high levels of performance and security for websites requiring it. Equipped with various security tools to counter hackers, regular monitoring and auditing are critical in identifying potential threats and taking corrective actions against them. Disabling root login can further decrease risks related to unapproved access. It’s also essential that SFTP be used when uploading or downloading files to and from your VPS, providing encrypted transmission for sensitive data and protecting it against theft.

Implementing SSL certificates is another great way to boost security, as they encrypt communication between a user’s browser and server, protecting from interception or unauthorized access. In addition, consider firewall filtering to evaluate network traffic and block suspicious activities as well as regular software updates to address vulnerabilities as this will protect against malware compromising your site and denial-of-service attacks.


Virtual server backups offer organizations peace of mind in case of data loss or hardware failure, enabling them to quickly restore information so as to not lose vital information while keeping IT costs under control.

Backups for virtual servers typically involve installing a backup agent in each guest operating system; however, this method is inefficient because it strains host resources and decreases performance of virtual machines (VMs). To effectively protect data stored on storage media and reduce costs associated with recovering it from backup solutions that work with hypervisors using Changed Block Tracking (CBT), there should be an efficient CBT backup solution available that integrates seamlessly.

Vembu BDRSuite is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution, safeguarding both virtual and physical environments. Performing image-based backups of virtual machines (VMs), it ensures all information and configurations are protected – perfect for VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV environments! With powerful features like automated malware scanning and immutable file systems it also offers daily, weekly or monthly auto-backup presets ensuring uninterrupted protection.

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