Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting is ideal for businesses that experience heavy traffic volumes, require robust security or require greater flexibility when configuring hardware and software configuration. Furthermore, its performance exceeds that of VPS hosting solutions.

As with owning a condominium in a building with multiple condos, but having your own space to live in. Colocation servers offer many of the benefits associated with dedicated servers while being more cost-effective.

Better Performance

With dedicated server hosting, you are given access to your own physical machine that is entirely reserved for you to use. This provides guaranteed resources and can improve performance if more is required than what can be offered through VPS or shared host plans.

Your hardware, software and configuration settings can also be tailored specifically to your needs, giving you more security while decreasing resource contention that could impede website performance.

DigitalOcean provides dedicated virtual servers, or CPU Droplets, starting at $7/month to meet the resource demands of larger websites or companies that require more resources than can be offered through VPS or shared hosting solutions. Our Pricing Calculator makes creating plans tailored specifically to your needs easy!

More Security

If your website or application requires stringent security requirements, dedicated server hosting offers superior protection compared to shared or VPS hosting environments. With complete control of hardware, software and security configurations of a dedicated server environment, stringent measures may be implemented that would otherwise not be possible on shared environments.

Dedicated servers can be configured in many different ways to suit the unique requirements of their owners. This flexibility is especially valuable as computing requirements often change over time.

Dedicated servers offer greater reliability and performance than shared and VPS hosting options, since you don’t have to worry about other sites on the same physical hardware affecting the performance of your site. In addition, you have access to all resources, such as RAM and storage capacity upgrades for faster website/application performance. This enables you to keep your traffic growth under control and resources at your disposal – keeping your website or application fast at all times!


As your website expands and outgrows its current hosting plan, if it no longer meets traffic or resource demands it may be time to upgrade – possibly moving up to either Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting or dedicated server service.

As opposed to shared servers, where multiple websites share resources on one physical machine, dedicated servers offer unparalleled performance levels.

Dedicated servers also provide enhanced levels of security. Since their hardware is separate, if another site experiences a security breach it won’t affect yours directly. You can install your own firewalls and monitoring software; making this perfect for companies that must ensure their applications run quickly, safely, and are properly configured.

Lower Cost

If your website is experiencing heavy traffic and requires more power than shared hosting can provide, VPS plans should be seriously considered. They give you access to a section of a physical server separated by virtualization software with root access; typically costing less than dedicated servers but offering different hardware configurations that should be taken into account when making this decision.

For example, InMotion offers a managed VPS plan at only $15 per month that’s perfect for small websites as it includes free expert migration, 1TB of storage space and 10TB of bandwidth – plus you pay monthly, making upgrading or downgrading resources depending on traffic easier than with dedicated servers and helping avoid unexpected costs.

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