How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Host

best dedicated server host

Dedicated server hosting offers unparalleled performance and customization, and is more secure than shared hosting as third-party users cannot introduce malware onto the server.

To select the ideal dedicated server host, it is important to carefully consider several factors. A top host should provide scalable infrastructure that meets your growth, 24/7 customer support services and free add-ons.

1. Reliability

A dedicated server host is an ideal option for websites and applications that demand high performance, stability, security, and control. These servers provide high uptime guarantees, fast loading speeds, advanced security features, as well as other advantages over virtual machines (VMs) or cloud hosting.

InMotion Hosting stands out as one of the premier dedicated server hosts with an attractive set of features at a reasonable cost. These include money-back guarantees, instant activation and smart monitoring as well as reliable platforms with consistent data backups that enable quick restoration in case of outages or outage.

DreamHost, another outstanding dedicated server host, offers a selection of plans and hardware configurations designed specifically to meet resellers’ needs, with money-back guarantees on every plan. Plus, their servers feature 24/7 support along with full root access, customization options, and multiple CMSs to give their users maximum flexibility and ultimate flexibility.

2. Scalability

Dedicated servers deliver exceptional performance, stability, control, and security for your critical business applications. Their unparalleled performance, stability, control, and security set them apart from VPS/VM options as they don’t share resources with other customers.

Moreover, the best dedicated server host offers flexible plans that enable easy scaling up or scaling out. They also offer 24/7 customer service as well as various performance add-ons such as Cloudflare CDN services and caching solutions.

Hetzner offers dedicated server plans with various configurations and features, including unmetered bandwidth. Their Enterprise Server plans feature Intel Xeon processors and unlimited disk space as well as free SSL certificates and an intuitive control panel. Hetzner utilizes renewable energy sources to power their data centers located in Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Helsinki – you can select from various RAM sizes as well as HDD sizes including up to 1TB SSD storage options; plan prices depend upon which configuration is chosen.

3. Security

With dedicated servers, all computing and storage resources are reserved solely for your site, making them more secure than other forms of web hosting.

Dedicated hosting solutions typically offer greater bandwidth and storage capacity than shared solutions, which can help increase page loading speeds for site visitors while eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks.

Make sure your website and data stored on a server are protected from hackers by choosing a host with advanced security features like password encryption and malware detection.

Choose a hosting provider that allows you to tailor the specifications of your server, such as selecting operating system and control panel options. Liquid Web offers fully customizable servers with real-time monitoring and root access for real-time monitoring; SeverSecure advanced security; worldwide Cloudflare CDN service and business-grade storage are just a few other features included within its service offering – making them suitable for websites storing sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

4. Customer Support

GoDaddy provides several dedicated server plans, from unmanaged to fully managed. Customers with fully-managed dedicated servers can choose between CentOS or Windows operating systems and install either cPanel or Plesk with free SSL certificates and public IP addresses as well as proactive security monitoring, patching, offsite backups and more.

HostGator provides dedicated server hosting packages with various features, such as free content transfers, unlimited MySQL databases and three dedicated IPv4 IP addresses. Furthermore, its plans offer unmetered bandwidth usage; its data centers can also be found throughout the US.

KnownHost offers customer support via phone, email and live chat; their agents are highly-trained professionals that respond quickly. Furthermore, the host has multiple data center locations worldwide which allows site visitors to connect to servers closer to them for reduced latency and improved performance – an invaluable feature for businesses that analyze site visitor data in order to optimize performance.

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